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Transdermal Drug Delivery Systems

ProSolus, Inc. is a privately-held research and manufacturing company focused on formulating and developing high-barrier-to-entry transdermal drug delivery systems (TDDs) for ANDA, NDA, and 505(b)(2) applications.

Our state-of-the art research and manufacturing facility in Miami, Florida is managed by a seasoned leadership team with more than 65 years of experience. With the newly completed manufacturing wing and 50 million+ patch capacity, ProSolus effectively and efficiently delivers results from the conceptual formulation stage, through the clinical stage, to the coating stage completing the cycle and preparing the product for packaging.

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ProSolus, Inc. delivers sophisticated transdermal solutions customized to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We formulate, develop, and manufacture high-barrier-to-entry transdermal drug delivery products in our state-of-the-art laboratories and manufacturing facility. Our patches are designed with the patient in mind:

  • Non-irritating
  • Adherent: stays on the patient until he/she takes it off
  • Reliable: able to achieve reproducible blood levels
  • Small: as discreet as possible

ProSolus has the experience and flexibility to provide pilot, clinical supply, and commercial volumes, as well as support, under strict cGMP compliance:

  • Formulate, develop, and out-license TDDs in the U.S. and Internationally
  • Provide resources and technical support through commercialization
  • Execute agreements on a cost/profit sharing basis to commercialize TDDs
  • Offer fee-for-service development of TDDs identified by ProSolus
  • Collaborate with our partners to provide full or supplemental services to ensure speed to market
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ProSolus, Inc. is an experienced partner with unrivaled transdermal prowess. Our experts are committed to delivering a customized experience every step of the way concept through completion. Whether you need formulation, development, and/or manufacturing support, we’ll provide sophisticated solutions tailored to your needs.

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The experts at ProSolus, Inc. are at the forefront of transdermal technology, continuously evolving mechanisms that control the predictability of drug release. Our research and development team works collaboratively with strategic suppliers to create polymers and design combinations of excipients that improve the absorption of medications through the skin without having to resort to exotic permeation enhancers.Focused on what lies ahead, our team continues to explore methods to optimize transdermal drug delivery, including:

  • Maximizing thermodynamic driving force
    (solubilization to quasi-saturation)
  • PRO-DRUG Formulation
  • Lower melting point
  • Enhanced lipophilicity
  • GRAS listed chemical enhancement
  • Enable channeling through stratum corneum
    (inter as well as intracellularly)
  • Avoid irritant molecules

Focused on what lies ahead, our team employs several intellectual property strategies:

  • “Picture Claims:” Very specific claims that go to the exact composition, typically containing the phrase; “consisting essentially of”
  • Novel delivery modality wherein a previously unpublished chemical shows significant improvement in performance usually called “enhancer patents”
  • Unique or novel adhesive/polymeric combinations
  • New chemical entities
  • Pharmacokinetic-based claims wherein a specific type of pharmacokinetic curve and/or blood level range as a function of time is unique
  • “Making the old new again” consists of utilizing expired or expiring patents and enhancing their stated performance with novel polymers and/or excipients

ProSolus strives to develop elegant, effective, and efficient Transdermal Drug Delivery systems that optimize delivery technology and represent the best of our strategic thinking. Our goal is to meet your needs, exceed your expectations, and deliver transdermal technology worthy of our stamp of approval.