September: The ProSolus business model was created by several pharmaceutical industry executives, including Anthony P. Mack, MBA and William Charles Dixon, Esquire. ProSolus builds a strategic focus around generic transdermal products for acquisition and product development.
December: ProSolus Transdermal Management, Inc. (‘PTM’), a predecessor to ProSolus, is incorporated as a corporation in Pennsylvania.


April: PTM agrees to out-license generic transdermal formulations.
June: Juan A. Mantelle joins PTM.
July: ProSolus Pharmaceuticals Corporation (‘ProSolus’), is incorporated with offices at 1608 Walnut Street,16th Floor, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
August: ProSolus hires Rod L. Hartwig as Director of Research and Development.
September: ProSolus reaches an agreement with a major pharmaceutical company to develop two generic prescription transdermal products for commercialization.

  • ProSolus becomes the General Partner of ProSolus Pharmaceuticals LP (‘ProSolus LP’)
  • ProSolus executes a Commercialization Agreement to develop its first over-the-counter transdermal product
  • ProSolus executes a Commercialization Agreement to development its third generic prescription transdermal product


March: ProSolus reaches an agreement to develop its fourth generic prescription transdermal product.
May: ProSolus names Juan A. Mantelle its Chief Executive Officer.
August: ProSolus approves the build-out of its own cGMP Transdermal manufacturing plant.
October: The Executive Leadership team decides to move operations to Miami and signs a lease.

  • Construction on the cGMP research and development laboratories begins
  • ProSolus reaches an agreement with a major international pharmaceutical company to develop its fifth generic prescription transdermal product

  • ProSolus is one of 30 companies to receive the “Key to the City of Miami – Dade County”
  • ProSolus hosts a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony to celebrate the successful completion of its Miami, Florida R&D facility, including completion of first 2 labs


February: ProSolus files plans for city approval for construction of manufacturing facility.
May: Permits for Miami build-out of the manufacturing facility are issued.
October: Construction of manufacturing facility is completed.
November: Manufacturing of OTC product commences.